In the past few years, I have been to quite a few towns, cities, countries and continents, trying to search for that one perfect place where I would eventually want to settle down and live the rest of my life, but failed. 


Because I came to realize, no matter how much I love a place, there will always be something that bothers me, while no matter how much I dislike a place, I could always find something that fascinates me.

Away from home since I was 16, I love to travel, but could never put my finger on it somehow. Recently, it seems to get clearer to me. 

I'm a perfectionist. However, traveling is not about finding that one particular place with perfect everything. Instead, it's about imperfection and the subtle beauty of it. In years, I have learned not to love or hate anything too much, not to get attached to things and people that I used to think I can't live without and to accept those I thought I couldn't live with. 

I travel, so that I could open up and let go, so that I would be able to live my own life as I wish no matter where I go, no matter how much a place could possibly change me. 

I travel, so that when I eventually settle down somewhere in this world one day, I wouldn't have regrets, even though knowing there are still tons of places I've never been.

I travel, so that I could always find peace in my heart without feeling foreign for anywhere, even if I might always be wandering on the earth and never settle down.

P.S. Luna now has had Wanderlust tattooed on her calf, together with an anchor and an infinity symbol.