Belated New Year's Resolution

It has been over a year since I last updated my blog and no doubt I feel guilty about it. It is not that I didn’t have anything to write about or that I didn’t do anything fun worth mentioning. As a matter a fact, a lot has changed in my life since the last post. Probably it is because so much is going on that I could always find myself a perfect excuse to keep postponing my writing. However, while marching into the new year, I’ve decided that procrastination needs to be left behind in the past. So here comes the first New Year’s resolution.

  • Keep the blog active and lively, as well as my mind.


I left the States eight months ago and came back to the place where I work hard to build myself a good life. I am getting busier than ever, and I could say that I am in my happy place right now. I used to believe a job is nothing more than a tool that earns you a living. The older I grow, the more I realize that the massive amount of time and energy we invest in our job in a lifetime deserves to be rewarded with at least happiness and sense of fulfillment, if not more. So in the eight hours of work everyday, why not do something that could delight you, surprise you, satisfy you and elevate you? For the first time, therefore, one of my New Year’s resolutions this year involves work.

  • I would wake up every morning and love what I do for a living. Not because it is easy, but because it is challengingly fun.

A full-time job makes it very hard to travel anytime I want. Indeed, my adventures are sadly not as glorious as they used to be. But the busy life doesn’t weaken my desire to travel any less. On the contrary, whenever I feel trapped, which happens to a free spirit more often than you’d think, my mind would wander somewhere afar and then start to make detailed plans for my next trip. So the one resolution that is always on my list every year is undoubtedly about travel.

  • Stay curious about the world. Never stop travelling or exploring the unknown.

Friends who know me well are all familiar with my rather arduous dating life in recent years. I’ve always believed there are two types of people when it comes to romance. One type is those who encounter love purely by chance. They are the lucky ones who find the right person and fall in love even before they know it. Yet, the second type of people are not so lucky, and I am definitely one of these unfortunate love seekers. For a long time, I devoted so much of myself into looking for “the right person” that I almost forgot not only what kind of person I want but what kind of person I am myself. It was a terrible experience to lose myself to uncertainty and to not be able to recognize the person I became. So this year, instead of “finding a nice guy and having a relationship”, I’d focus on self-care and self-love before anything else.

  • Love myself first. Always be spiritually secured and financially stable, with or without a guy.

Lastly, since physical well-being is a huge part of self-care, I would concentrate more on fitness this year. For as long as I can remember, I have been struggling on my body image as a little girl, then as a teenager and later as a young woman. Unfortunately, I grew up in a culture that plasters women’s bodies on the cover of magazines, circling their cellulite and tummy rolls as though they’ve committed a crime. The nasty habit of body-shaming is so deeply rooted in our culture that it has plagued countless young women like me. The pain is real and it never really stops. Fortunately for me, thanks to those wonderful people in my life, those amazing past experiences I’ve had in multiple countries and even those powerful inspiring female role models on social media, I am now able to lift myself up above all that unnecessary self-consciousness, as well as the destructive judgement from all those people. This didn’t come easy. In fact, it took me years to finally reconcile with my own body, to be friends with it and even to appreciate whatever shape it is in. Rather than being so concerned about being skinny, I will focus on getting healthier and happier with my body. And I’ll do it in the right way this time, by eating the right food, doing the exercise that I’m comfortable with and sleeping well. So here goes the last resolution of 2019.

  • Keep growing bigger muscles, increased strength and a faster metabolism.

May this coming year be filled with magic, dreams and wildness. Happy belated New Year!

I have traveled through madness to find me.
— Danny Alexander